Barbara Benfield
Founder and Co-Director

Barbara has a bachelor’s degree in Christian counseling and biblical studies from Laurel University (formerly John Wesley College), and a master’s degree in Christian apologetics at Liberty University. She holds a certification as a First Responder in acute stress, grief, and trauma care through Light University. After spending over 20 years in the finance industry, Barbara has served as director of Mourning Dove Discipleship Counseling and Placement, program administrator and placement specialist at First Contact, administration and campus preparation at Bethel Colony of Mercy, and Christian counselor for Pierced Ministries.


Barbara is passionate about helping others find freedom from the bondage of addiction, and the shame that accompanies that lifestyle. She enjoys speaking “grace and truth” into the lives of others, sharing her own story of redemption. Barbara says, “I was a functioning alcoholic. From the outside looking in, my life looked good. I had the sports car, custom-designed home, boat, condo at the ski lodge, etc. But, on the inside, my life was a wreck. Several severe situations occurred simultaneously which brought me to my knees, in addition to the fact that I was tired of the battle with alcohol. I cried out to God, and he showed up. I proceeded to pursue Him, and He pursued me right back. Having a relationship with Almighty God is the most awesome thing ever.”


Barbara serves her community in many ways, including providing program structure and efficiency guidance for various addiction related ministries. Barbara was instrumental in the start-up of First Contact Addiction Ministries after it obtained its 501c3 status, and she went on to become their Director of Placements and Strategic Planning. She is now focusing her attention on expanding the addiction counseling and placement ministry into other communities.

Heath Benfield

Co-Director, Pastor

Heath has a degree in Religion and Christian Ministries from Fruitland Baptist Bible College. He has been serving in ministry since 2014 after going through an addiction recovery program in Lenoir, NC.  He has served in addiction recovery residential programs as director, house manager, counselor, and teacher, and has also served within a homeless shelter and soup kitchen.


Heath is passionate about telling others what Jesus has done for him. He is often found evangelizing in long lines at any number of stores. He loves sharing the gospel, in fact, if he is not sharing the gospel or digging into the word of God, he is probably sleeping or irritating his wife. Most people who have met Heath will tell you they can tell that “he has been with Jesus.” Nothing makes Heath happier than to hear this because, as he will tell you, “I’m nothing without Jesus.”


Heath has been involved in addiction ministry, intimately, since 2015, and while he is a natural evangelist, he is passionate about making disciples. He says, “You have to be a disciple to make a disciple.” Heath is consistent to meet with other Christian men who have walked with the Lord for a long time, and eager to learn all that he can from them. Heath exhibits the fruit of the Spirit which entices others to want what he has. He shines the light of Jesus everywhere he goes. If you follow his trail, you will find disciples who were greatly impacted by Heath. He won’t even like this profile because he will think it is lifting him up, and he will tell you that the only One who deserves to be lifted up is the Triune God: Father, Son Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.


Heath is married to Barbara Benfield, and the two of them are actively pursuing the fullness of life in Jesus Christ. They both understand the struggles that come with addiction and their heart’s desire is to help others find the freedom they have found.